Reading Recovery Activities from Mrs. Bates

Week 3 - March 30 – Apr. 3 

To Mrs. Bates Reading Recovery Students and Parents …….. 


Here are some activities and ideas to help improve your reading skills this week. 

Word Work:  “ing” and “ay” chunks – use the magnetic letters I sent home to make words and break the words using the strategies you have learned. 

ing - sing, ring, wing, thing, bring 

ay – play, stay, today, tray, may 

Letter ID – sort letters (o,a,d,p,n,s,t,x) into 2 groups. What would those groups be? 

Read some of the books you have at home or go online and read books on your level. Try the MyOn website, you will find a good selection. Read aloud to someone at home and practice sounding like a good reader. Listen to yourself read and fix your own mistakes if you can.  Remember, everyone makes mistakes, but good readers stop and fix theirs. 

This week let’s practice rereading when we make a mistake or are unsure of what a word is. 

 This week check out Pioneer Valley Click on the bookbuilder link and make your own books. There is also a free downloadable calendar every month.  Look for Bella and Rosie!! 


Stay safe and well, 


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