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      K-PREP Testing Coming Up !!

K-PREP Testing is scheduled for April 19 - 23

Things to keep in mind as we approach our testing window. See below for some helpful tips:

  1. Mark your calendar!  This will help remind you and your child when testing will take place.
  2. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before each day of testing.
  3. Make sure your child is on time for school (please arrive no later than 7:40 AM each day). Maybe even set a backup alarm to ensure that you don’t oversleep.
  4.  Make sure your child eats a nutritious breakfast each day of testing.  Arriving by 7:40 each day will allow your child time to eat breakfast at school.
  5. Encourage your child to do their VERY BEST!

  6. Work with your child’s teachers and principal to prepare your child for the upcoming testing.  Remember, we are a team and by working together we can ensure that your child and our school succeeds.

We appreciate your support and thank you for promoting excellence at Boston Elementary.


Carolyn Lawson, Principal & Boston Elementary Staff



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