The Race Is On!

Damon crosses the finish line.

At WCIS, we love our ‘grandmas’ who come to school every week and spend time reading with our students involved in the Save the Children Program.  We consider these fine ladies one of our most valued, and certainly loved, resources.  With this being said, they go far beyond their duties in the classroom.  To students, teachers, and staff they are role models, shoulders to lean on, and a fountain of wisdom.


One of our ‘grandmas,’ Sue Watson, was challenged earlier in the year to a race with a very competitive and determined student, Damon Belew.  Damon is a fourth grade student in Mr. Wilson’s homeroom.  Damon’s favorite subject is math and he loves to watch TV on his free time.  Some of his favorite shows include The Voice and Street Outlaws.  His love for fast cars is certainly evident and most likely the motivation behind his challenge against Ms. Sue.


With the fifth grade hall lined with spectators cheering on the racers, Damon and Ms. Sue lined up at the start line.  I would like to say it was a close race, but it was obvious Damon had been training for this event and held an unfair advantage against his competitor.  Damon crossed the finish line and the crowd went wild.  Ms. Sue was a good sport and took the defeat like a champ.  As for Damon, victory was his.

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