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Yummy Hot Chocolate!

Our Family Literacy Drive Thru event was a success.  Thank you so much to all those who participated and worked hard to make it happen.   Our Family Resource Center purchased grade level books for each bag and Save the Children contributed craft activities, soap, and slime.  These programs, in a collaborative effort with our Read to Achieve grant, provided an engaging and fun filled grab bag that got a book in each participant's hands!


A few families submitted pictures and/or comments in regard to their craft or snack.  We appreciate you sharing those with us.  We love seeing photos of our kiddos completing projects, participating in zoom sessions, and doing their school work.  


Dana Davis, a parent of a fifth grader, shared, “Girls, I know drive thru reading night in the snow isn’t much fun for teachers, but Parker was so excited!  She’s already making all these crafts.”


Jamie Davis commented, “Thank you for the great family reading night!”


I hope everyone takes advantage of Family Engagement Nights.  Mark your calendars and plan to see us during Family Math Night on December 15th from 3-5 p.m.  Pull to the front of the school and we will bring the activities to your car!!

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