WCIS Third and Fourth Graders’ Off-Broadway Holiday Performance

Christmas Musical

WCIS is in the holiday spirit as we near the New Year.  To kick off the Christmas Festivities  the Fine Arts teacher, Mrs. Melissia Johnson, directed two performances starring the third and fourth grade classes. 

Third grade kicked off the show with a rootin' tootin' Holiday Musical. “The townspeople of Snowy Gulch prepare to celebrate Christmas with their annual festival at the O.K. Corral on the edge of town. Bubble Gum Bart, who is very annoyed by all the noise and happiness, tries to stop the celebration by threatening to cover the whole town in bubble gum. Frightened and desperate, the townspeople telegraph Santa Claus for help, so he sends The Candy Cane Kid to the rescue. The Kid confronts Bart (at sundown at the O.K. Corral, of course) with his most powerful strategy: communication. Bart breaks down and admits to The Kid that he doesn't really hate Christmas, he's just lonely and feels left out. The townspeople respond by welcoming Bart into their celebration and into their town. The Kid is a hero, Bart is loved, and the celebration of Christmas at the O.K. Corral is the greatest ever.”

Fourth grade followed up with “An All-American Christmas.”  America loves Christmas-time, and since we are a melting pot, we celebrate the holidays in many different ways. This joyous revue captures the spirit of the holiday in a way that will make it a wondrous experience for students and audience members alike. It explores America's celebration of Christmas from the settlers till today, from traditional carols to rock and rap. And it looks at how various groups in our cultural mix celebrate with their own traditions.


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