Will the Real Ms. Lyttle Please Stand Up


Mrs. Chaffman and Mrs. Lyttle took time to work collaboratively across grade levels to support the learning-by-teaching method often used in classrooms.  Students who spend time teaching what they’ve learned go on to show better understanding and knowledge retention than students who simply spend the same time re-studying.

Presley, a third grader, was invited into her mother’s fifth grade classroom to demonstrate the distributive property.  Each grade level spends time devoted to learning and implementing multiple strategies to problem solve.  And it just so happened, the two classes were on the same page, so to speak. 

Presley was more than enthusiastic to come into the fifth-grade classroom and show an alternative method to implement the distributive property.  Teaching is obviously in her genes (maybe even her future) because she successfully delivered the lesson, kept the students’ attention, and called on them to come to the board to solve problems.  She even gave candy out for correct responses. 

Way to go Presley or should we call you Ms. Lyttle?

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