WCIS: Utilizing Virtual Author Visits to Inspire Readers and Writers

Mrs Lanham Class

   Most teachers understand the relationship between reading and writing.  The fact is if you want to be a better writer, you must engage in reading.   To be a better reader, it is important to write.  The key for educators is motivating students to read and write daily.  For some students, it comes naturally.  For others, they prefer science or math to English and language arts.  So, how do you light that spark?
   Mrs. Lanham took ‘the dragon by the tail,’ if you will, when she organized a virtual author visit to her classroom.  Her fifth grade students had the opportunity to video conference with a published author and utilize it as a tool to motivate, nurture, and instill a love for reading and writing.  After all, who is the best person for writing advice?  None other than Cresidda Cowell the author of How to Train a Dragon.

   During the interactive video conference, Cowell shared many writing tips and strategies for Mrs. Lanham’s fifth grade students.  For example, she started by discussing the writing process with the students and encouraged them to keep a writing journal to help build creativity. Cowell also shared with them how to develop characters within their writing pieces to make the characters come to life on the pages before them.  During the conference students also learned about publishing work and, of course, how to draw a dragon.
   Thank you Mrs. Lanham for finding a purposeful way to inspire and nurture readers and writers at WCIS. 

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