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Mrs. Lyttle:  Hero to Her Classroom

Essay Written by:  Kambree Bunch


My hero is my teacher, Mrs. Lyttle for many reasons.  Me, as well as her students will agree that she is a great teacher and is very talented at her job.  I am thankful for her ingenuity that fills our brains with imagination, her sense of humor, and her kind ways.  She really is a hero to her classroom.


First, Mrs. Lyttle is my hero because of her intellegence and ingenuity.  It creates visuals in our minds of things that we can use in our future.  She opens a window in our brain so we can let her knowledge seep in.  She helps fuel students’ inner creativity and talents to greater use.  She once inspired my center group to write a parody to Jingle Bells about the Boston Tea Party.


Secondly, Mrs. Lyttle is very funny.  Her sense of humor gets kids’ attention.  I inquired many students about their favorite qualities about her.  One said, “I like her sense of humor because her smiles are never depressing.  I don’t like depressing teachers.”  Others said similar things about her, but they all agreed her amazing ways help them succeed in life.


Third, my teacher is kind to our class.  She helps us when we struggle.  And reassures us about insecurities we have about our least favorable subjects.  She cares about our grades and scores, and always is kind.  She doesn’t answer our questions harshly, but always with a smile.


In conclusion, my teacher, Mrs. Lyttle, is a true hero to her classroom.  Because of her many great qualities and traits, as well as her experience, she maps us through gulleys and canyons toward 6th grade.  Her traits include her imagination, humor, and generosity.  Thanks for reading this essay about The Hero to Her Classroom, the one and only Mrs. Lyttle. 

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